Based in the United Kingdom, Anthony Gray founder of Afterlife Memory went through one of the scariest experiences of his life when he suffered from a brain hemorrhage in 2009. The sudden ailment came as a life-altering experience for Anthony because he realised how unprepared he had been for such an event.

This prompted him to create Afterlife Memory: a company dedicated to recording eulogies, personal messages and wills for a person to leave behind as something personal for their loved ones.

Clients can fill out a form on the company website and arrange an appointment with Afterlife Memory representatives. The company reps then show up at the client’s given address and record any eulogies, personal messages or wills on DVD. The DVDs are then professionally edited and presented in high-quality, personalised cases.

According to Anthony, Afterlife Memory is a great way for someone to spread positivity even after they are gone. With this service, he aims to help people with terminal illness or long term health issues record special heartfelt messages that will forever remind their loved ones of the special memories they have with them.

Give your loved ones something that they can cherish forever, only with Afterlife Memory!

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